We act with care, expertise and integrity, and in accordance with relevant laws, rules and regulations. We officially declare this according to the Governance Principles of the Dutch Association of Insurers.

Official guideline for our actions

Every member of our senior management declares:

• I act with care and integrity.
• I consider all interests when making a decision: those of the client, whose interest is at the centre of our considerations, of shareholders, employees and society at large.
• I inform the client as much as possible.
• I behave in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and codes of conduct.
• I keep confidential what has been entrusted to me in confidence.
• I don’t make improper use of my insurance knowledge.
• I ensure that my conduct is open and that my actions can be verified.
• I know my responsibility towards society.
• I make every effort to maintain and increase society’s trust in insurance.
• By acting this way I maintain the honor of the insurance profession.

This official declaration serves as the guideline for all actions of our staff.

Code of conduct and goverance principles

The Verbond van Verzekeraars, the Dutch Association of Insurance Companies, drafted Governance Principles for its membership in 2011. In the case of Liberty Mutual Surety, even though we are a cover holder rather than an insurance company, we apply the Code both in the Netherlands and in Belgium. The decisive factor in regard to the proper functioning of the Code is not the extent to which there is compliance with the letter of the Code, but the way in which the intentions behind the Code are treated.

You will find the full English text of the Code here.

Questions, suggestions and complaints

We want to provide our customers with excellent service and that is why we continuously work to exceed ourselves. If you have a question or a suggestion how we can improve our customer service, please let us know. We would like to hear from you and will try to find a proper solution. In case you have any complaints about our service, we would like to hear those as well. There are various ways to submit your question, suggestion or complaint.

By email to info@nationaleborg.nl, or by letter to Liberty Mutual Surety, PO Box 955, 1000 AZ Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
If your question, suggestions or complaint can be handled without the need for additional information, we will inform you within two weeks about our answer or solution. If we need more than two weeks to provide a proper response, you will receive confirmation of receipt within two weeks from the department or staff member charged with the investigation of your question or complaint. In our confirmation, we will state who is dealing with your question or complaint, a file number, the expected response date and a telephone number you can call for additional questions or remarks.

We try to find the best solution for every complaint, but in case you don’t agree with a proposed solution, we invite you to write to our Compliance Officer at the address above. In your letter, please include all relevant information, such as contact details, contract information and copies of relevant documents. After sending you confirmation of receipt of your letter, our Compliance Officer will investigate the matter and the proposed solution. He will then inform you about his findings within the term indicated in his confirmation. If, by any chance, you cannot agree with the solution offered, you can of course submit your complaint to the courts for a binding judgement.

Remuneration Policy

You will find our remuneration policy here.