The specialist in covering against financial risk

Liberty Mutual Surety in the Netherlands and Belgium is then continuation of Nationale Borg, a specialist with a significant track record and an excellent reputation. With some 70 staff we have been the most important non-bank provider of guarantees for businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium for 128 years.

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Liberty Mutual Surety is part of a strong company with strong finances: Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. Find out more..

As a member of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, we can take on major insurance exposures, and where necessary, we have access to a wide network of fronting companies. And as a member of the International Credit Insurance and Surety Association (ICISA), the Panamerican Surety Association (PASA) the Surety and Fidelity Association of America (SFAA) we have access to an even wider worldwide network of foreign correspondents. We also work with a variety of banks across the world to service you world-wide.  Find out more..

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