Once you know your limits, you can challenge them.


Strong finances are a must for any insurer. That rule applies all the more to a company providing guarantees. Substituting itself for the client, a guarantor stands surety towards beneficiaries for its client’s obligations. External confirmation of our solidity comes from A.M. Best that rates Nationale Borg A (Excellent). We exceed the Solvency II requirements set by the supervisor by a wide margin.

Below, you will find the key figures of AmTrust International Underwriters DAC, of which Nationale Borg is a part. The full 2017 annual report AIU report can be downloaded here.

In millions of euro 2017 2016
Shareholders Equity 209,5 199,1
Technical Reserves 744,9 711,4
Investments 284,6 220,5
Balance Sheet Total 1.189,3 1.065,8
Premiums and Fees Received 483,9 389,6
Result from Insurance Activities 33,4 41,6
Gross Exposure on Direct Guarantees 3.192 2.906