Key figures 2020

Strong finances are a must for any insurer. That rule applies all the more to a company providing guarantees. Substituting itself for the client, a guarantor stands surety towards beneficiaries for its clients’ obligations.

We issue guarantees on behalf of Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE (LMIE), which is rated A (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s.

Below, you will find the key figures of Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe.
The full 2020 annual report can be downloaded here.

In € ‘000 2020 2019
Solvency ratio (Solvency II) 143% 117%
Technical Reserves 5.389.062 4.425.841
Investments 4.108.615 3.198.744
Balance Sheet Total 8.200.200 6.513.269
Premiums and Fees Received 2.480.765 1.901.884
Result before Taxes 22.026 -44.470
Gross Exposure on Direct Guarantees in the Netherlands and Belgium (€ billion) 3,2 3,2