The benefits the specialist brings you

Liberty Mutual Surety’s specialists offer you a number of benefits:

  • fast, personalised and expert processing of your applications
  • guarantees that do not tie up your capital
  • guarantee applications that can be filed and inspected 24/7

Fast, personalised and expert processing
We have accumulated thorough in-house knowledge in many areas, including customs regulations and accompanying tax issues. This makes us experts at providing guarantees for imports and exports and for goods subject to excise duties. But we are active in many more industries. While many of the largest construction companies in the Netherlands and Belgium are on our client list, smaller construction companies can also call on for us for guarantees. Advance payment, performance and completion guarantees are also supplied to machinery installation engineers, machine tool manufacturers, companies in the oil and gas industry and to other capital goods manufacturers.

As our client you deal with your own relationship manager. He or she knows your industry and, together with you, tries to find the best solution for you. Applications are approved extremely quickly and guarantees are often processed within a single day.
Liberty Mutual Surety provides fast, customised service.  We haven’t forgotten we’re small. We have a simple org chart with only one objective: we are dedicated to providing our clients with the guarantees they need.

Guarantees that do not tie up your capital
We do not, as a general rule, ask you to secure our commitment with collateral. We will, however, look into the nature of your company, its future perspectives and policy. Moreover, our guarantees never have the effect of cutting into the credit facilities you have with your bank. You have no assets with us, so your assets remain unblocked. This expands your working capital and financing options.
Companies in good financial health that run up against the credit limits their banks have set can expand their financing options by transferring their guarantee requirements to Liberty Mutual Surety.

Guarantee applications can be filed and reviewed 24/7
Borg Online allows you to check out your guarantees on a 24/7 basis. And to file applications for new ones.