Financial Reports Nationale Borg

May 22, 2017 2:46 pm

The transfer of subsidiary company Nationale Borg Reinsurance in November 2016, had a profound impact on the balance sheet of Nationale Borg-Maatschappij, as you can tell from the 2016 Annual Report and the 2016 Solvency Report. Both reports can be found on this site.

Because of the changed relationship and the transfer of liabilities to AmTrust, the solvency ratio of NV Nationale Borg-Maatschappij (on a Solvency II basis) amounted to 230% at year-end 2016. For Nationale Borg Reinsurance NV this same ratio stood at 226%.

In addition, both companies benefit from a corporate guarantee by AmTrust Financial Service, Inc. to maintain the solvency margin far above the required minimum.

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